These are all the texts, essays, poems that I wrote in this blog, that fell into my lap, and that I have gathered here for the ones among you which may like to see them at one glance…



At the Crossroads (a playful divagation on ‘being’…)

The Puzzled Self (on looking for happiness in the wrong place…)

The Buddha Nature (a playful divagation on ‘being’…)

The Gospel According to St. Matthew (a text about a film…)

The Great Replacement (a playful divagation on ‘being’…)

Taking Sides (a playful divagation on ‘being’…)

A Tower of Watchfulness (a poem…)

Imagine a Life (a text invoking a famous statement by J. Krishnamurti…)

The Burning Bush (a playful divagation on ‘being’…)

Awareness is All (an essay exploring the nature of experience…)

The State of Things (a reflexion on the true nature of our experience…)

The Castle (a playful divagation on ‘being’…)

The Hypochondria of Being (on the nature of spiritual experience…)

The Incidental Life (a playful divagation on ‘being’…)

The Craving (a poem…)

The Angel of  Death (a text about a TV series…)

The Most Important Thing (a playful divagation on ‘being’…)

An Invitation from Silence (an exploration linking silence to pure being…)

The Coronation (a poem…)

A Loss and a Gain (a playful divagation on ‘being’…)

Evangelium (a meditation on the ‘Good News’ advocated by Christianity…)

Unconditional Love (a playful divagation on ‘being’…)

Humanity’s Healers (an essay exploring humanity’s place in our being…)

The Graceful Way (a poem…)

Go Within (on how all spiritual traditions only point to ‘being’…)

The Lazy Worker (a playful divagation on ‘being’…)

The Fate of Me (a poem…)

Hide-and-Seek (an exploration of the ‘hide-and-seek’ nature of self-inquiry…)

A Place of Thankfulness (a playful divagation on ‘being’…)

Being Spiritual (an ode about not being spiritual…)

The Controller (a playful divagation on ‘being’…)

Defining Enlightenment (an essay listing the many words for enlightenment…)

The End of Seeking (a playful divagation on ‘being’…)

The Worth of a Life (a playful divagation on ‘being’…)

The Dark Night (a text on the poem by John of the Cross)

A Fabulous Secret (a playful divagation on ‘being’…)

The Riddle of Ignorance (a longer essay on the subject of ignorance…)

A Disencumbered Now (a playful divagation on ‘being’…)

A Song of Two Humans (a text about a film…)

The Contemplative Mind (a playful divagation on ‘being’…)

A Story of Lack (a story on how the sense of lack can be our teacher…)

To Know Better (a playful divagation on ‘being’…)

Diary of a Country Priest (a text about a film…)

The Substance of the World (a meditation on the beauty of the world…)

The Program (a playful divagation on ‘being’…)

The Names of God (a longer essay exploring the names given to god…)

The Ways of Being (a playful divagation on ‘being’…)

Longing (a poem…)

How Difficult is That? (a playful divagation on ‘being’…)

A Mountain Walking (after an evening spent with Arthur Rubinstein…)

A Ballet of Life (a reflection on seeing the ballet ‘Romeo and Juliet’…)

Hunger (a poem…)

Into the Night (a very short story that narrates Peter’s entry to sacred India…)

The Guard and the Prison Breaker (a longer essay on the question of freedom…)

A Thing of Beauty (a meditation that embraces the world…)

There is a Land (a poem…)

A Room with a View (a text about a film…)

The Virtues of Shopping (bringing presence to a simple experience…)

The Shrug (a poem…)

An Unnoticed Pathology (some thoughts on our propensity for seeking…)

Our Sacred Destination (a short reverie on the destiny of our self…)

The Ember (a poem…)

The Wrath of the Lamb (a text about a film…)

The Rightful King (a playful text about a container and its contents…)

Churning the Ocean (a divagation on a famous Indian myth…)

The Cradle (a poem…)

The Flowers of St. Francis (a text about a film…)

Being Alone (meditating on the sense of being alone…)

The Surreptitious Thief (a longer essay on the nature of the ego…)

The Word (a text about a film…)

A Vehicle for God (a playful text on the Hindu concept of vehicle…)

A Furnace of Love (a short story about Birgitta’s journey of love…)

The Song of the Little Road (a text about a film…)

The Pond (a poem…)

The Sacrifice (a text about a film…)

Love Remains (a humorous divagation where the self is confronted…)

A Frame for Life (a longer essay on the subject of time and space…)

The Seagull (a poem…)

One Rock-like Reality (finding truth standing like a rock…)

The Starry Night (a poem…)

The Price of Immortality (a longer essay on the subject of death…)

Ablaze with the City (a poem…)

Overlooking You (a poem…)

The Navel of the World (exploring where lies the true centre…)

The Golden Thread (a poem…)

A History of Veiling (a divagation on the subject of veiling…)

The Mystery (a poem…)

The Hermitage (a poetical stroll in search of our inner hermitage…)

The Everlasting Arms (a longer essay on the subject of surrender…)

The Waiting Room (a short text on the feeling of waiting in ourself…)

The Never Ending Story (a short text on where wholeness is to be found…)

The Neglected Self (a poem…)

God Wants it All (a playful poem or fantasy…)

The Chariot and the Charioteer (a longer essay on the reality of free will…)

Stay Where You Are (a poem…)

The Hiding Place (a poem…)

Ishani’s Quest (a fairy story about the inner quest of a little girl…)

Karma or the Monastic Life (a longer essay on Karma and right action…)

Be Still and Know (a short text unraveling the verses of a song…)

Benares my Love (a short text describing a secret meeting with Benares…)

Tantra, the Song of Life (a longer essay on the nature of the Tantric path…)

Naked Presence (a prayer or a poem…)

Variations on the Separate Self (a short text, a divagation on separation…)

The Cave (a short text about awareness seen as a cave…)

The Departure (a short story relating a departure to India…)

Bhakti, the Song of Love (a longer essay on the path of love and devotion…)

A Silent Wind (a short text relating a day spent in Amma’s embrace…)

Jñāna, the Song of the Self (a longer essay exploring the path of knowledge…)

Ripples… (a poem…)

The Distant Lord (a text about an insightful meeting in the Indian jungle…)

The Churches of Rome (an essay on the meaning behind the churches of Rome…)

I will Trust your Ways (a poem…)

Our Mother’s Lap (a short text on the ways of the little child…)

Unsubstantiality (a short text speaking of our unsubstantial nature…)

I Want to Tell About (a poem…)

Speaking of Shiva (a longer essay on the many facets of Shiva…)

The Fruitless Search (a tale that speaks of a fruitless search…)

The Path (a longer essay on the nature of the spiritual path…)

The Old Mansion (two poems…)

Promenade Parisienne (a short text about a poetical promenade in Paris…)

Destroyer of Darkness (a longer essay on the function of the spiritual teacher…)

The Intelligence of Chaos (a poem…)

The Meeting (a short story that tells of an unexpected meeting…)

The Truth Seeker (a short fairy story, a spiritual parable…)

Blown Out (a longer essay to delve into the nature of awakening…)

The Flower of Awareness (a poem…)

Swift as a Bird (a short text on the untamed energy of our Self…)

Bhārata Mā (a longer essay on the discovery of India’s spiritual heart…)

The Secret (a short text that tells of a long-hidden Secret…)

Let us all set out on a long journey (a poem…)

Suffering Leads to Joy (a longer essay on the subject of suffering…)



Picture by Alain Joly



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