You will find here all the longer texts – essays and stories – that have been posted on this blog, all gathered together for a better access, and a comfortable reading..



23C82E35-DC3D-4008-945E-8BC51F65C6D9The Path

”I’d like to tell you a story, a parabolic tale I wrote long ago. It’s a story that has already been posted here on its own. It is called ‘The Truth Seeker’, but could have been called ‘The Path’, as it exposes, describes some of the stages we find …”

A playful exploration into the nature of the spiritual path (READ MORE…)




844F8948-74F3-498A-9083-8C2287D1173APromenade Parisienne

“I love, during my walks in Paris, to stop in one of the many small parks that you find in the capital. I sit on a bench and rest while observing, listening: Some children are having some fun a little further, pushing each other on the slides, playing on the swings. …”

Share with me a poetical promenade in Paris (READ MORE…)




778070C2-0873-445A-B9EA-8F00D94E4F9FDestroyer of Darkness

“It knew better. This thing, so dense, so light, that took me into its lap, that invited me for a dance with eternity, with infinity, would not leave me alone, unattended. Not even two days after encountering this mystery, after dipping into this bath of love and beauty, I was being shown a way. I believe it is inevitable when there is an opening. …”

An exploration into the function of the spiritual teacher (READ MORE…)




4A5BDEA5-290C-4D0E-8861-A3C7A6539ACEThe Meeting

”Benares – a strange and beautiful city, the most religious city of all, so entrancing, so mysterious. Pierre had often heard of this town, and now he was already treading its soil. Many people had advised him that it’s not a place to linger in. ‘You will be assailed by the rickshaws, the hoteliers, the merchants…’, …”

A short story, that tells of an unexpected meeting (READ MORE…)




9336D96D-5A25-47E5-9F6E-786C72935F5BThe Truth Seeker

“A long time ago, in India, lived a man named Admita. All his life had been aspent in a harsh and hostile desert, surrounded by sand and dry, swirling winds. He led a life of wandering without help or hope on this desolate land. He had well heard of stories that described places of lush greenery and great beauty, …”

A short fairy story, a spiritual parable (READ MORE…)




C592AC96-5F78-46C0-9396-34954A673303Blown Out

“Nothing much, really. Something just like peeking out of the window. But let’s not be overly disdainful, for this can bend the course of a life and change it in a profound way. To have a spiritual experience is a blessing, a call, maybe a rehearsal for the final dissolution. It leaves you puzzled, wanting to understand, …”

An essay to delve into the nature of Awakening (READ MORE…)




8EB07361-15C9-4B24-A071-517583AE9035Bhāratā Mā

“India. I visited her and fell under her spell and her charm. If I look back, my spiritual journey started as a big cliche: I went to India to find truth, and I found it. Well, I didn’t find a neatly arranged package of truth, ready made and understood to be lived for ever thereafter. …”

An essay on the discovery of India’s spiritual heart (READ MORE…)




61B7A971-D8B9-4596-AE8A-304476178763On Labyrinths, Grace and the Via Creativa

“The Labyrinth is a familiar symbol. Its enigmatic presence has left footprints that fade back into the beginning of the human story. Its origins and its purpose have been rich fodder for research and speculation.

I don’t pretend to know the truth of its tale, but see the archetypal labyrinth as apt visual shorthand for the map of a life, and that’s how its symbolism is used in this little essay. …”

A text by Miriam Louisa Simons (READ MORE…)




img_0168Suffering Leads to Joy

“How did it all begin for me? This. This deep interest in finding out what life is about. This love of Truth. This spiritual search. In what cradle did it come to existence, in what fertile soil did it come to grow? I remember how acute the desire for change was as a young man. …“

A text on the subject of suffering (READ MORE…)