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171DAA92-5FD3-47D9-A0A3-D9AD44CE0443Precious Little Remains

“I have chosen to share with you here a few of the haiku-poems written by Ray Andrews, a friend from Wales. They are lovely little poems, making our heart soft, provoking here a smile, there some tenderness, taking you gently to a place in yourself where silence abides. They are, as one of Ray’s poem read, like “Precious little remains On the pathway To the sun. …”

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“Rumi is a giant. Somebody whose words resonate with the perfume of truth, but about whom we paradoxically know very little. At least I didn’t. Quoted far beyond the small circle of spiritual seekers, he is taken for granted, like a distant angular stone of spirituality. His verses are shared, loved as so many gems of human history, but without showing off. And yet, what depth of understanding they convey! …”

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1CA86B80-4E5D-4D7B-91DD-B2AAF9901970Variations on the Separate Self

“Why is it so difficult to recognise something that’s staring us in the face? The distance is always so short between our worse moments of separation and the full recognition of the truth of our being. The tiniest, softest change of focus can either show you a world made of infinite space or throw you into an abyss of tortured thinking. When we stand in the apparent coziness of our false beliefs, …”

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37DB8C05-6989-492F-BA78-F10305AF5A1DThe Departure

“His two bags were lying at his feet in the bedroom, wonderfully clean, square, tied up. Slowly, he had dressed with the clothes he had carefully chosen for the trip, had slipped his black leather belt on, in which slept a few bundles of neat traveler’s cheques, had put on his brand new, too new sneakers. Already, he imagined them, old and wrinkled, worn out, …”

A short story that speaks of a dream coming true… (READ MORE…)




6AFD14CD-D400-4E44-9CBB-E8D0FE002AFFThe Deepest Acceptance

“The question of ‘surrender’ is one that is often misunderstood. Surrender implies, in everyday language, something that the mind does, even remotely, in order to give itself to a reality that seems inescapable. It often comes down to a form of resignation, a giving up, something passive at its core, which brings more delusion and suffering. So what is true ‘surrender’, in a non-dual context? …”

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43B4EEB4-74A6-4832-B02A-9B107A6CEB50Kabir Says:

“Little is known about Kabir. Legends abound and certainties are scarce. He was a weaver, probably spending most of his time working at his handloom. He was born in a Muslim family in fifteenth Century Benares, and became a mystic and a poet whose songs and ‘bānīs’ – meaning ’utterances’ – spread in the whole of India and beyond, mostly handed down orally between seekers and sadhus …”

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4EF11C3A-2CA9-4BF4-AA7F-1F2FD297AA4FBhakti, the Song of Love

“I intend here to continue exploring the three different pathways towards realising our true nature. I have some time ago given my attention to Jñāna, which in the Indian tradition is the name given to the means of attaining truth through the investigative qualities of the mind, which are mostly thinking …”

An exploration into Bhakti, the path of love and devotion (READ MORE…)




209528B8-7F4A-4A07-98F3-E0DBE6148569Where God Speaks

“Angelus Silesius was a German mystic born Johannes Scheffler in 1624. Although a Lutheran, he converted to Catholicism and became a priest. After being a physician for a while, he became known for his mystical poetry. He published two poetical works, “The Soul’s Spiritual Delight“, a collection of more than two hundred religious songs, and “The Cherubinic Wanderer“, …”

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69ECC35B-98ED-4119-820C-9C6CB6FA87C2A Silent Wind

“Amma. A name, a face, a smile that I have seen represented so many times. Her reputation and aura precede her wherever she goes, and she happened to come close to where I lived. So I went, not knowing what to expect, apart from the Indian ceremonial, a good dose of devotion, and her embrace, this simple gesture …”

A day spent in Amma’s presence and embrace (READ MORE…)




4BF0438F-DE61-4519-B166-9065B79D01E7Duet of One

“The Ojai Valley runs along an east-west mountain range, twenty miles inland from the Pacific coastline. The area where Krishnamurti was staying was located at the east-end of the valley surrounded by lush green mountains, oak and pine forests, and acres of orange and avocado groves. …”

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FB5B367B-ED3C-4D41-BB86-47A3DC0B4534Jñāna, the Song of the Self

“It happened long ago, during a morning stroll behind my house. I was contemplating my deep sadness and my desire to change, when a simple intuition came uninvited. I felt that it was possible to change and I had the power to initiate it. I felt that this change, this cure for my unhappiness was to be found in myself. …”

An exploration into Jñāna, the path of knowledge (READ MORE…)




712d2596-046c-4e2f-86fb-e7ac52a8314eSong of the Avadhut

“I share here excerpts from an ancient text of India called ‘Song of the Avadhut’, which has been translated by Swami Abhayananda. Although it has been attributed to Dattatreya – most probably a legendary figure – the author is unknown, but it is agreed that it was written around the 9th or 10th centuries. ‘Avadhut’ means ‘liberated being’. The song describes what it means to be spiritually liberated. …”

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781b09bc-48a2-472f-b2ee-1767a84b13f8The Heart of Tagore

“Rabindranath Tagore is certainly one of the fathers of modern Indian literature. His work is immense and fascinating. He is the author of more than a thousand poems, two thousand songs of which he also wrote the music, novels, short stories, plays. He has also written essays on all subjects that were dear to him, from philosophy to politics, from education to the arts …”

Let’s delve into the spiritual heart of Tagore’s poetry and essays (READ MORE…)




A66A64AB-AA4B-4D27-B857-7C05567C485DThe Distant Lord

“In 1990, I visited Corbett National Park, one of the largest and most famous wildlife sanctuaries in India. My dream: to see a wild tiger. When the bus that took me there had crossed the entrance of the park, and while I was already scanning the jungle in an irrational hope, a burst of flamboyant colors vanished into the canopy. It was a peacock! I had already seen hundreds of peacocks in India …”

An insightful meeting in the depth of the Indian jungle (READ MORE…)




3F8B54A2-378F-4C51-8588-85499EB608B9A Day at Brockwood Park 

“Seated on the back seat of the car, I was scrutinising the landscape. Although we were driving through one of these English narrow roads, squeezed between two tall hedges, the place was nevertheless growing in familiarity. Twenty-two years! Twenty-two years that I hadn’t been here! Now the landscape and the roads were known by me, my heart was throbbing and I was seized by an unavoidable emotion. …”

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79AA4334-58A6-47EA-87FF-BE809E3AE62DThe Churches of Rome

Ah the churches of Rome! Here I am, trodding for the second time the worn, disjointed, unsettled paved streets of the eternal city, with one thing in mind: visiting and admiring some of its most beautiful basilicas, churches, chapels, oratories… It is said that there are about 900 churches in Rome, so the choice is wide and elegant. One thing to remember here …”

An essay on the churches of Rome and their deeper meaning (READ MORE…)




FB20B902-0B65-4F59-AE9B-54972DD9158BThe Divine Play

Jnaneshwar was a Marathi saint, poet and mystic born in 1275. He is the author of two major works of Marathi spiritual literature. The first was written when he was only sixteen, and is a commentary on the Bhagavad Gita called ‘Jnaneshwari’. The second is called ‘Amritanubhava’, ‘The Nectar of Wisdom’, and is indeed the fruit of his own understanding and realisation. …”

Jnaneshwar’s writings on the Divine Play of Shiva-Shakti (READ MORE…)




CD48C3BF-3C1A-4647-8258-E782E2B4CE46Our Mother’s Lap

“I’m sure we can all remember this. We were small children, we were playing in the courtyard near our house with our little friends. Maybe running after a ball. Then, pushed by a rough little boy, we fell and hurt our knee on the ground. It was painful. We got confused and a rush of pain and sadness overwhelmed us. We froze for a second, confused, and then what? …”

A divagation into the ways of the little child (READ MORE…)





“I remember one day being at the breakfast table, my eyes peeking randomly through the window. They landed on the courtyard down below where a thin layer of snow were covering the lawns. I was attracted by the curious behaviour of a couple of magpies. One was so to speak climbing up a tree, branch after branch, until it reached a spot where the building of a nest was being started. …”

A reverie that speaks of our unsubstantial nature (READ MORE…)




ED0D6178-0004-4E0C-8C20-184D87FBDC17The Lord of the Dance

“The most famous form of Shiva is the Lord of the Dance, ‘Nataraja’, the form in which all other forms of Shiva are included. In one sublime pose, in one movement, one dance, is described the whole process of life and death, of ignorance and understanding. Ananda Coomaraswamy remarks: “Whatever the origins of Shiva’s dance, it became in time the clearest image of the activity of God… ”

Quotes and pointers on Shiva’s dance of life and death (READ MORE…)




Edwin Lord Weeks, Along the Ghats, Mathura - The Culturium

Rendezvous with Ramana, Part III

“The life of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi was immaculate humility and benevolence. He showed compassion to all beings — animals, thieves, people from all castes, religions and creeds. He refrained from getting involved in worldly activities; he never handled any of the ashram money nor did he answer letters addressed to him, though he would always welcome anyone into his presence. …”

Embark on Paula Marvelly’s third Part journey to Arunachala (READ MORE…)




2ED8EC8F-4252-41D8-82FC-0AB3C305F93ASpeaking of Shiva

“If you have been to India, you are likely to have met a beggar who came to you imploring, asking you to relieve him from his suffering, but also being a little rough, with something in his voice sounding like a reproach. You probably froze for a second, feeling guilty, not knowing what to do. You felt caught between giving or not giving, between an easy way out or a shameful flight. …”

An essay to explore the meaning behind Shiva’s many forms (READ MORE)




5DD0783C-AA8E-4F77-AD8E-5E0BF1FDDD53Rendezvous with Ramana, Part II

“I wake up and leap out of bed, panting and thrashing about like a mad woman. It takes a few moments to realize where I am. It was all just a dream, I tell myself. But it was so very real whilst it was all happening. And now, another dream surrounds me. When will I wake up from this one, I wonder? …”

Embark on Paula Marvelly’s second Part journey to Arunachala (READ MORE…)




8B9A7786-67CF-45FC-9EA9-6E1D66ED1E89Rendezvous with Ramana, Part I

“I haven’t slept a wink. My body is weeping sweat and the pain in my gut has had me writhing on the bed all night, culminating in an acute upset stomach. I feel terrible. Once more, day breaks. The sounds of India seep into my consciousness as I lie in my alien room …”

Follow Paula Marvelly’s journey to Arunachala (READ MORE…)




EA26DED6-BF3F-49CA-9635-960FBD5AB478The Fruitless Search

“It is not because I have read a few books, bathed in the presence of some beautiful beings, and participated to many retreats that I know where I am, what I am at, and can now follow the upward course of a promised, enlightened destination. I’m not like an arrow steadily cutting through the air. It’s not like that I’m afraid. …”

A tale that speaks of a lost being and its fruitless search (READ MORE…)




C465AC55-674C-4995-87D0-FC27C8F464E5A Path, What Path?

“The question of the ‘spiritual path’ is a difficult one, that seems to draw different points of view and approaches, both from students and teachers. I have gathered here many quotes and pointers on and around this subject, from various spiritual teachers and poets of the eternal and the infinite. …”

A collection of quotes on the question of the spiritual path (READ MORE…)




23C82E35-DC3D-4008-945E-8BC51F65C6D9The Path

”I’d like to tell you a story, a parabolic tale I wrote long ago. It’s a story that has already been posted here on its own. It is called ‘The Truth Seeker’, but could have been called ‘The Path’, as it exposes, describes some of the stages we find …”

A playful exploration into the nature of the spiritual path (READ MORE…)




844F8948-74F3-498A-9083-8C2287D1173APromenade Parisienne

“I love, during my walks in Paris, to stop in one of the many small parks that you find in the capital. I sit on a bench and rest while observing, listening: Some children are having some fun a little further, pushing each other on the slides, playing on the swings. …”

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778070C2-0873-445A-B9EA-8F00D94E4F9FDestroyer of Darkness

“It knew better. This thing, so dense, so light, that took me into its lap, that invited me for a dance with eternity, with infinity, would not leave me alone, unattended. Not even two days after encountering this mystery, after dipping into this bath of love and beauty, I was being shown a way. I believe it is inevitable when there is an opening. …”

An exploration into the function of the spiritual teacher (READ MORE…)




4A5BDEA5-290C-4D0E-8861-A3C7A6539ACEThe Meeting

”Benares – a strange and beautiful city, the most religious city of all, so entrancing, so mysterious. Pierre had often heard of this town, and now he was already treading its soil. Many people had advised him that it’s not a place to linger in. ‘You will be assailed by the rickshaws, the hoteliers, the merchants…’, …”

A short story, that tells of an unexpected meeting (READ MORE…)




9336D96D-5A25-47E5-9F6E-786C72935F5BThe Truth Seeker

“A long time ago, in India, lived a man named Admita. All his life had been aspent in a harsh and hostile desert, surrounded by sand and dry, swirling winds. He led a life of wandering without help or hope on this desolate land. He had well heard of stories that described places of lush greenery and great beauty, …”

A short fairy story, a spiritual parable (READ MORE…)




C592AC96-5F78-46C0-9396-34954A673303Blown Out

“Nothing much, really. Something just like peeking out of the window. But let’s not be overly disdainful, for this can bend the course of a life and change it in a profound way. To have a spiritual experience is a blessing, a call, maybe a rehearsal for the final dissolution. It leaves you puzzled, wanting to understand, …”

An essay to delve into the nature of Awakening (READ MORE…)




8EB07361-15C9-4B24-A071-517583AE9035Bhāratā Mā

“India. I visited her and fell under her spell and her charm. If I look back, my spiritual journey started as a big cliche: I went to India to find truth, and I found it. Well, I didn’t find a neatly arranged package of truth, ready made and understood to be lived for ever thereafter. …”

An essay on the discovery of India’s spiritual heart (READ MORE…)




61B7A971-D8B9-4596-AE8A-304476178763On Labyrinths, Grace and the Via Creativa

“The Labyrinth is a familiar symbol. Its enigmatic presence has left footprints that fade back into the beginning of the human story. Its origins and its purpose have been rich fodder for research and speculation.

I don’t pretend to know the truth of its tale, but see the archetypal labyrinth as apt visual shorthand for the map of a life, and that’s how its symbolism is used in this little essay. …”

A text by Miriam Louisa Simons (READ MORE…)




img_0168Suffering Leads to Joy

“How did it all begin for me? This. This deep interest in finding out what life is about. This love of Truth. This spiritual search. In what cradle did it come to existence, in what fertile soil did it come to grow? I remember how acute the desire for change was as a young man. …“

A text on the subject of suffering (READ MORE…)