6D4E3339-CB49-4F02-8F56-140FF753E2A6‘Harlequin’ (part) – by Paul Cezanne, 1890 – WikiArt

O my self, why do you stand in the way? For the living of these many experiences, you are not necessary. The pure consciousness that is present in all of us here and now is perfectly equipped. So don’t worry and please move away. This pure being has held effortlessly the millions of billions of beings and experiences generated so far, and has allowed for ever more choices and decisions to be made, so it need not being chaperoned by you. I thank you for your good will, but your work has been too laborious. Come again if you really want to, but your presence here is not welcome anymore. 

Haven’t you noticed, by now, how your participation has been an unnecessary feature in the unfolding of experience, in the many activities of our human company? Haven’t you seen how all your unnecessary thoughts and feelings have been a perturbing element among the team work that is generated here? And has cost us dear in our expenses and plannings? We understand that you want to participate, that all this is important to you, is dear to your heart, and we have accommodated you so far the best we could. But now we gently ask you to revise your presence here.

We understand that you need this work, that it brings you fulfilment. You have so often told us how tough is your life and how this salary is an essential income to fill up your innate sense of lack and bring you happiness. We have appreciated your commitment and ambition in this life enterprise and we measure how valuable this work has been to you. I know that you mean well and that you have the best of intentions, but we have here somebody who is more competent for the job. We want him to be seen, to acquire the prominence that he deserves, and that has been his all along if it wasn’t for your taking all the place. By being all so confused and noisy, you have prevented him to be seen, heard, felt. You have prevented him to bring forth all his qualities. His peaceful input. 

We have been gentle so far. Please now leave of your own accord and understanding. Please don’t oppose us with these resistances. We understand your difficulties. That this is indeed scary for you. But we assure you that not only this will be painless, but it will bring you new opportunities and horizons. You will mature tremendously. You will be recruited by a better, wider company and your happiness will increase a thousandfold. I think you understand by now that your limitations and undue preferences have had difficult consequences on the growth of our economy.

Please don’t be upset. This is not tyranny. The one that is here to replace you was here before you, although you never cared to notice her. She has been friendly with you and you do have enjoyed her presence and kindness at times. You have grown in your understanding of the situation and made many valuable concessions. So it is fair that the time has now come to ask you to retire and let her take your place. The one that was never not hers anyway. Please understand how fair and natural this all is. 

Be assured that you have done a wonderful job, allowing us to experience the world from a standpoint that was never ours before, allowing us to make many great moves, and experience such pleasurable situations. But you have gone too far with your ideas on separation. You have brought pain and dissension among the group. I know that you know that too. That you have looked into it. That’s why we are asking you to remove yourself. We know that you are ready for this. And be assured that your sacrifice will not remain unpaid. A greater project is here waiting and you will be part of it. 

Don’t say that we are letting you down. This is all so difficult. This is a misunderstanding. You were never meant to take the lead. Please don’t oblige us to tell you the truth. No. This is not like that. We do not fire you. Please look at yourself. You have taken this job too heartily. Your substitute, which is also you predecessor, has run the show all along. You never had the input you thought you had. It was all in your mind. You took none of the actions you thought were yours, with none of the consequences you imagined. It was all due to your eagerness to steal the show and receive the applauds — or the blame. You have made all this consistent with your own thinking and will. 

Please understand. You are not even here. I mean, not in the way you think. This was a beautiful script, a remarkable imagination, but none of it was even noticed by the group, let alone existed outside the constraints and constructs of your mind. We are not being rude to you…

Oh! Ok. I see and feel now that you are seeing my point. That you understand you were never truly part of it. You never had the place that you imagined to have, and were so heartily longing for. You could never find here the happiness that you are looking for. Actually you were never meant to have it. You have made it all up. That’s why we have most gently and most respectfully asked you to let go. To leave your thought invented place. Your imagined importance and necessity. For your sake only. 

Ah! All these words! Maybe they are not necessary now. I feel that you have left quietly now. Your absence is highlighting the peaceful presence that is just behind it, and that you were seeking to acquire in your frantic activity among us. Presence is now in the foreground and is running it all sweetly and swiftly. No further words are needed. All the resistances are winding down. We can only rest now. You have reached home. And we repay you with silence. With your own newly acquired beauty. And I feel here, already, the flavour of happiness that you have left behind your trail. Only love remains. 



Text by Alain Joly

Painting by Paul Cézanne (1839-1906)



Paul Cézanne (Wikipedia)


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