The Awakened Eye (Miriam Louisa Simons)

this unlit light (Miriam Louisa Simons)

The Culturium (A compendium of all things timeless, wise and beautiful)

Science & Nonduality (ॐ=mc2)

Stillness Speaks (Resource for Self Inquiry)

The Conscious Process (Bob O’Hearn)

Poetry Chaikhana Blog (Sacred Poetry from around the World)

Nonduality: The Varieties of Expression (Jerry Katz)

Feeling to Infinity (Bob O’Hearn)

Nancy’s posts and poems (Nancy Neithercut)

Ananda Only (an empty space between silence and stillness)

westernmystics (Writings from selected Western Mystics, Classic and Modern)

Truthless Truth (The sound of the rain needs no translation)

Inner Directions (The Spirit of Insight and Awakening)

No Mind’s Land (friends of the present moment…)

Womb of Light (the work of Bethany Webster)

Cotswold Non-Duality Group Papers (Jenny Beal)

Peaceful Rivers (Wisdom for the Journey)

Effortless Peace (Inspirational Quotes for the Path to Spiritual Awakening)

Uradiance (Meet Me in this Moment, this Body, this Breath…)

Truthless Truth (The sound of the rain needs no translation)

SpiritAwake (Conversations to Awaken)

hugh’s musings (musings, meditations, non-duality)

TAO (… The art of stepping out of your own way.)

Mystic Meandering

The Beauty We Love

Love is a Place

being silently drawn…

In the Garden of the Beloved



Rupert Spira (Contemplating the Nature of Experience)

J. Krishnamurti Online

Joan Tollifson (the simplicity of what is)

Francis Lucille

Jeff Foster (Life Without a Centre)

Tilicho (Initiation into Love and Freedom)

Tiger Singleton (InLight Connect – The Art of Being)

Roger Castillo (Being Lived)

Miriam Louisa Simons (Echoes from Emptiness)

Metaphysical Speculations (Bernardo Kastrup’s meditations on life and the universe) 

Ellen Emmet


Art Websites:

wonderingmind studio (Miriam Louisa Simons)

bev byrnes (Painting)

nicki gwynn-jones (Photography)

Carol Brandt (Photography)

Corinne Galois (Photography)

dan baumbach photography (Musings about photography and life)

Michael Leunig (Artist and Cartoonist)


Other Sharings:

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My Website about India (en Français)

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