It seems that the deeper the inner silence,
the more naturally and effortlessly the words flow,
finally liberated from their shackles,
set free from the prison of conformity and correctness
and the need to be liked or even heard.

~ Jeff Foster


Why start a blog? I have been contemplating that idea for a while, but never dared to do so. It is now taking form, so I will say a few words about what prompted me, and what I intend to share here. My name is Alain Joly, I’m in my fifties and I live in the French Alps.

I see this blog as an arena of freedom, a place for myself and all the friends who will be interested enough to join me here. My first motivation comes from the memory of the website I created years ago about ‘India’, and the passion that was with me at the time, the love I felt researching, reading, writing, organising, and sharing my deep interest in this country. I wanted to have this again in my life.

My passion for India was born out of a drive, a willingness to understand a life that, in my case, was a puzzling and difficult one. So I followed, through many intense and beautiful trips, this initial call for India, a place which held promises of deep inner changes. It was a one way journey into spiritual grounds.

So I’d like to share here anything of this journey, mingling it with my many other interests. The first among them is non-duality, and also many other paths of spiritual interest. The words and pointers of teachers from all walks of life will be a consistent feature here. Other cherished interests, like poetry, literature, art, and photography, will be included for the love, beauty, and presence they carry in their heart. My intention is to alternate between longer essay-like texts on a particular spiritual issue, and shorter posts like a quote or a poem.

You will not find here a ‘specialist’ in any of these fields, nor a learned or enlightened man in any way, but just a lover of Truth and Beauty. I am only attempting to express the little I understand with my own words, hoping that this ‘sadhana’ will bring a little clarity in my understanding of spiritual matters. Before all, sharing with friends is here the most important thing.

Writing in English is a challenge for me, and I hope that you will have to suffer as little as possible from my ability with the language. My approach to spirituality has been almost exclusively by means of the English language, so this choice was to me an obvious one.

Heartfelt thanks go to Rupert Spira, whose teaching and loving presence triggered this adventure, to my friend Miriam Louisa Simons, who helped me to find the courage to write and whose tips and advices were precious, and to my partner Elsebet who was a constant support.

So let’s begin here this journey with you…


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