I have chosen to share with you here a few of the haiku-poems written by Ray Andrews, a friend from Wales. They are lovely little poems, making our heart soft, provoking here a smile, there some tenderness, taking you gently to a place in yourself where silence abides. They are, as one of Ray’s little haikus read, like “Precious little remains On the pathway To the sun”. I have married them with the evanescent photographs of Nicki Gwynn-Jones. Let them both be like little bubbles of meditation in ourself…


I gave my beloved
A wild rose
But did not realise
My heart would be the vase


A teardrop
Fell slowly
In an ocean
Of joy


786A6562-DF9F-4744-AE40-5CA95F1B8251Sometimes our hearts
Grow so much
They cease caring 
Who the owner is






When the lakes
Mirror surface is broken
No one in their right mind
Would try to repair it


Waves break
On the shoreline of ourselves
Sighing with relief
Into the sand


All the wonders 
In life
Can be held with ease
In a child’s gaze




You have to get completely lost
So as to discover 
That no one ever left
In the first place


The sailboat
Searched everywhere for the wind
Then as twilight fell she found him
Resting in the sails


In the fading light
My friend lit a candle
And in its softness
We talked until dawn



I was halfway up a mountain26BD1690-6560-42F5-B4C2-F2E18359C58A
When everything stopped
Then I sat down
Amongst the flowers






When we meet again
Let it be Springtime
Our thoughts and feelings
Will be compost by then


Walking on a sandy beach
Footprints follow
When I stop
They catch up


You spoke to me
I am listening




A golden thread
Is sown into
Life’s tapestry
For children to unravel


The wonder 
Of nature is
That she
Constantly ignores me


I have been finding treasure
Everywhere lately
– Now I know 
Who buried it


Love is a mystery
We would never fall




This morning my mind 
Rose early
By the evening it had faded
leaving its perfume


Beside the path
A blue flower
A small fragment
Fallen from the sky


Love spoke to me this morning
Now I lie awake
And cannot sleep





Poems by Ray Andrews

Photos by Nicki Gwynn-Jones



– ‘Just Being One’ – by Ray Andrews (illustration by Anna Fraser) – (The Swirling Leaf Press)


BCE54109-58D4-4042-AD82-378AFBB5247BNicki Gwynn-Jones is a British photographer currently living in Orkney, a group of islands north of Scotland. She has a passion photographing birds, and the coastal life around, full of a wilderness shaped by wind and water. In 2012 she was awarded a Fellowship in Visual Art by the Royal Photographic Society. 
Nicki’s Websitenicki gwynn-jones

Nicki’s Book:
– “In the Dreamtime: A Meditation on the Flowers of Orkney” – by Nicki Gwynn-Jones – (Orcadian Ltd)



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