Swift as a Bird

Birds, especially the smaller ones, are the most awake creatures of the world. Have you noticed? Their way of quickly moving their head down, and up, up and down, on the sides, pecking with extreme precision, addressing their acute little glance in all corner of life, observing, registering everything, hopping around, ready, for anything, not minding, alert, and gone, swiftly gone, at a lightning speed.

Surely we can find this place in ourselves, untamed, without obstacle, this quality of looking, without the past, without the past. Now. Irremediably now. It’s not that we should be hopping around, but when the mind, all the burden of it, is gone, dissolve, is it not there? This alertness, this awakeness, awareness. Is it not there? Unfettered, wide. Wide as a little bird. Is it not the same energy, the same freedom operating? It seems to me that it is…



Text by Alain Joly

Artwork by Luis Seven Martins (L7m)



8A19330D-F6FA-43D7-A12C-AA748F24348ALuis Seven Martins – L7m, is a street art painter. Inspired by the beauty and sorrow of life, he likes to work in deserted, disarrayed places. I find his colourful and elegant paintings – mixture of realism and abstraction, exquisite and harmonious. I’m happy that I can share his work with you…
L7MATRIX Street Art


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