You will find here all the posts from the category: ‘Reveries into Oneness’. They are small, playful texts and divagations ignited by a particular idea or situation. They are presented to you either in a blog list or individually for an easy browsing…


Reveries into Oneness (in a blog list)


A History of Veiling (a divagation into the question of veiling…)

The Waiting Room (exploring the feeling of waiting within ourself…)

The Never Ending Story (where wholeness is to be found…)

God Wants it All (when God Himself is moving in…)

Be Still And Know (unraveling the words of a song…)

Benares my Love (a secret meeting with Benares…)

The Cave (to retire into the cave: a short divagation…)

A Silent Wind (a day spent in Amma’s presence and embrace…)

Our Mother’s Lap (a divagation into the ways of the little child…)

Unsubstantiality (a reverie that speaks of our unsubstantial nature…)

The Fruitless Search (a tale that speaks of a lost being…)

Promenade Parisienne (a poetical promenade in Paris…)

The Secret (the revelation of a deeply hidden secret…)



Photo by Elsebet Barner