You will find here all the posts from the category: ‘Beauty in Essence’, which is the place to celebrate beauty through a photograph as the main feature, with a short poem or quote accompanying it. They are presented to you either in a blog list, or individually for an easy browsing…


Beauty in Essence (in a blog list)


Treasures of Grace (Macarius of Egypt / Alain Joly)

The Essence of Life (J. Krishnamurti / Alain Joly)

The Sadness of Life (J. Krishnamurti / Alain Joly)

The Final Action (J. Krishnamurti / Alain Joly)

There is No One and Nothing (Byron Katie / Alain Joly)

What is Sought (Eric Baret / Alain Joly)

The Hermitage (Alain Joly)

I Don’t Mind What Happens (J. Krishnamurti / Elsebet Barner)

The Kiss (Papaji / Alain Joly)

The Paradox (Adyashanti / Jerry Katz)

The Gentle Manner (J. Krishnamurti / Alain Joly)

The Forgotten Things (Carl Gustav Jung / Corinne Galois)

One Dreamer (Nisargadatta Maharaj / Dan Baumbach)

Grace (Ramana Maharshi / Alain Joly)

Welding (Akka Mahadevi / Alain Joly)

Notice… (Byron Katie / Nicki Gwynn-Jones)

No Others… (Ramana Maharshi / Alain Joly)

The Innermost Light (Nisargadatta Maharaj / Alain Joly)

Beauty in Essence (Jiddu Krishnamurti / Alain Joly)



Photo by Alain Joly