There is No One and Nothing

The world doesn’t exist
and we just come to see that clearly. 
It’s all an illusion. It never did exist. 
There is no way it can exist —
it’s all the reflection of a concept attached to inside. 
There is No One and Nothing. It’s literal. 
Are you ready to live without a world? 
Is that what you really want? 
Are you willing to lose the moon?

~ Byron Katie



Quote by Byron Katie

Photo by Alain Joly



– “Loving What Is, Revised Edition: Four Questions That Can Change Your Life” – by Byron Katie – (Harmony)
– “A Mind at Home with Itself” – by Byron Katie and Stephen Mitchell – (HarperOne)

Byron Katie (Wikipedia)
The Work of Byron Katie

– An article on Byron Katie’s life and work by The Guardian


7 thoughts on “There is No One and Nothing

    1. Yes….it occurred to me one day that “nothing” and “everything” are synonyms. That being said, it seemed to be important to my understanding to realize the depth of “nothing”… see the ultimate emptiness of it all, to be able to appreciate the miraculous gift of my apparent “existence”. I am most at home when in the loving embrace of emptiness….our communal paradox.

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      1. There is a beautiful zen proverb which says, to understand nothing takes time

        Indeed after much reflection on how intricately tied i am to nothing, it occurred to me that this makes it a universal nothingness

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      2. It reminded me of this beautiful quote by Zen master Hsu Yun
        “Take any direction, roam the world to its farthest edge.
        All comes back to where it started… to blessed Emptiness.”

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