What is Sought

“You are what needs to be found –
you are not the finder of anything –
the truth is in back of us,
not in front of us.
That’s why it can never be reached,
it can never be understood,
it can never be felt,
it can never be sensed —
because we are what needs
to be sensed, felt and seen.
We are not the seeker, 
we are what is sought.”

~ Eric Baret



Quote by Eric Baret

Photo by Alain Joly



The quote is excerpted from an interview in ‘Science & Nonduality’ entitled ‘What is Truth?’…

– ‘Let the Moon Be Free: Conversations on Kashmiri Tantra’ – by Eric Baret (translation by Jeanric Meller) – (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform)

Eric Baret (in French) 
Eric Baret (YouTube Channel) 


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