You will find here all the posts from the category: ‘Voices from Silence’. They are the voices of poetry, with all the beauty, meaning, and depth they carry. They are presented to you either in a blog list, or individually for an easy browsing…


Voices from Silence (in a blog list)


The Brush of Ecstasy (Alain Joly)

A Tower of Watchfulness (Alain Joly)

The Craving (Alain Joly)

The Coronation (Alain Joly)

The Graceful Way (Alain Joly)

The Fate of Me (Alain Joly)

Longing (Alain Joly)

Hunger (Alain Joly)

There is a Land (Alain Joly)

The Shrug (Alain Joly)

The Ember (Alain Joly)

The Cradle (Alain Joly)

The Pond (Alain Joly)

The Seagull (Alain Joly)

The Starry Night (Alain Joly)

Ablaze with the City (Alain Joly)

Overlooking You (Alain Joly)

The Golden Thread (Alain Joly)

The Mystery (Alain Joly)

The Neglected Self (Alain Joly)

Stay Where You Are (Alain Joly)

The Hiding Place (Alain Joly)

Change the Lighting (Brooke McNamara)

Naked Presence (Alain Joly)

Precious Little Remains (Ray Andrews)

God Only Knows (Katarina Jonsson)

Ripples… (Alain Joly)

Swami Bharatananda (Maurice Frydman)

I will Trust your Ways (Alain Joly)

Between (Allan W. Anderson)

Desire (Tiger Singleton)

I Want to Tell About (Alain Joly)

It’s Totally Beyond Me (Miriam Louisa Simons)

The Old Mansion (Alain Joly)

The Intelligence of Chaos (Alain Joly)

– Every Time I Open my Eyes (Rupert Spira)

The Flower of Awareness (Alain Joly)

The livelier dances the sea (Rabindranath Tagore)

Let us all set out on a long journey (Alain Joly)



Photo by Elsebet Barner