You will find here all the posts from the category: ‘Eternity with a Smile’. This is the place for humour, for the sublime liars always ready to tell their stories, jokes, fairy tales, and so on. They are presented to you either in a blog list or individually for an easy browsing…


Eternity with a Smile (in a blog list)


At Heaven’s Gate (a playful interaction and dialogue at heaven’s gate…)

Into the Night (a short story that narrates Peter’s entry to sacred India…)

A Furnace of Love (A short story about Birgitta’s journey of love…)

Love Remains (A humorous divagation where the self is confronted…)

A Perfect Bull’s-eye (Mullah Nasruddin’s archery skills…)

God Wants it All (A poem that is more like a playful fantasy…)

Self Recognition (An interrogation by Nasreddin Hodja…)

Ishani’s Quest (A fairy story about a little girl’s intimate quest…)

The Departure (A story about Peter’s departure to India…)

I Am Nobody (The newly discovered identity of Nasreddin Hodja…)

Dear God (A confused and a sincere prayer according to Tigmonk…)

The Fruitless Search (A tale that speaks of the search of a lost being…)

The Last Truth (An anonymous tale about the climb towards truth…)

The Meeting (A story of a very special encounter in Benares…)

The Truth Seeker (A fairy story or spiritual parable…)

Hodja Tells the Truth (A story where Nasreddin Hodja tells the truth…)



Photo by Alain Joly