You will find here all the posts from the category: ‘Ways of Being’. They are very short texts playfully exploring some of the aspects in ‘being’. These variations on ‘being’ are presented to you either in a blog list or individually for an easy browsing…


Ways of Being (in a blog list)


The Shallow Well (Alain Joly)

At the Crossroads (Alain Joly)

The Buddha Nature (Alain Joly)

The Great Replacement (Alain Joly)

Taking Sides (Alain Joly)

The Burning Bush (Alain Joly)

The Castle (Alain Joly)

The Incidental Life (Alain Joly)

The Most Important Thing (Alain Joly)

A Loss and a Gain (Alain Joly)

Unconditional Love (Alain Joly)

The Lazy Worker (Alain Joly)

A Place of Thankfulness (Alain Joly)

The Controller (Alain Joly)

The End of Seeking (Alain Joly)

The Worth of a Life (Alain Joly)

A Fabulous Secret (Alain Joly)

A Disencumbered Now (Alain Joly)

The Contemplative Mind ( Alain Joly)

To Know Better (Alain Joly)

The Program (Alain Joly)

The Ways of Being (Alain Joly)

How Difficult is That? (Alain Joly)



Photo by Alain Joly 



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