I have gathered here all the Websites and books that have been mentioned on this blog. The Websites are listed in an alphabetical order, the books appear according to the number of appearances on the site. I hope this is useful…


Adi Shankara (Wikipedia)
Akka Mahadevi (Wikipedia)
Aldous Huxley (Wikipedia)
Amaury de Riencourt (Wikipedia)
Ananda Coomaraswamy (Wikipedia)
Aurobindo Ghose
David Whyte
Eknath Easwaran (Wikipedia)
Fayan Wenyi (Wikipedia)
Gautama Buddha (Wikipedia)
Hermann Hesse (Wikipedia)
Ibn Arabi (Wikipedia)
Jean Biès (Wikipedia)
Jean Klein (Wikipedia)
Jeff Foster
Jiddu Krishnamurti
Jnaneshwar (Wikipedia)
Joan Tollifson
St John of the Cross (Wikipedia)
Joseph Campbell (Wikipedia)
Koos Zondervan
Kshemaraja (Wikipedia)
Meister Eckhart (Wikipedia)
Miriam Louisa Simons
Nisargadatta Maharaj (Wikipedia)
Rabindranath Tagore (Wikipedia)
Ramana Maharshi (Wikipedia)
Robert Saltzman
– Rumi (Wikipedia)
Rupert Spira
Sadhguru (Jaggi Vasudev)
Sally Kempton
Swami Sivananda (Wikipedia)
T. S. Eliot (Wikipedia)
Tirumular (Wikipedia)
Vimala Thakar (Wikipedia)
William Blake (Wikipedia)

Sites internet en Français:
Rupert Spira
– Nisargadatta Maharaj (Wikipedia)
Rumi (Wikipedia)
Jean Klein (Wikipedia)
Jacques Vigne
Éric Baret
Hermann Hesse (Wikipedia)
Jean Biès
Amaury de Riencourt (Wikipedia)

Mon site sur l’Inde


– ‘I Am That’, by Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj (Chetana Pvt.Ltd)
– ‘The Transparency of Things’ – by Rupert Spira – (New Harbinger Publications)
– ‘Presence‘, Vol. I & II – by Rupert Spira – (Non-Duality Press)
– ‘Being Aware of Being Aware’ – by Rupert Spira – (Sahaja Publications)
– ‘Transparent Body, Luminous World’ – by Rupert Spira (Box Set with 6 CDs – Sahaja Publications)
– ‘The Book of Listening‘ – by Jean Klein – (Non-Duality Press)
– ‘Who Am I‘ – by Jean Klein – (Non-Duality Press)
– ‘I Am’ – by Jean Klein – (Non-Duality Press)
– ‘The First and Last Freedom’ – by J. krishnamurti – (Rider Book)
– ‘Freedom from the Known’ – by J. Krishnamurti – (Rider Books)
– ‘Krishnamurti’s Notebook’ – by J. Krishnamurti – (Krishnamurti Publications of America,US)
– ‘Commentaries on Living, I, II & III’ – by J. Krishnamurti – (Quest Books,U.S.)
– ‘The Collected Works of Ramana Maharshi’ – (Sophia Perennis et Universalis)
– ‘Be As You Are’ – by Ramana Maharshi (Edited by David Godman) – (Penguin Books)
– ‘Falling into Grace: Insights on the End of Suffering’, by Adyashanti – (Sounds True Inc)
– ‘Nothing to Grasp’ – by Joan Tollifson – (Nonduality Press)
– ‘The Ten Thousand Things’ – by Robert Saltzman – (Non-Duality Press)
– ‘An Explosion of Love: The Color of All Things Beautiful’ – by Tigmonk – (The Blooming Heart Center)
– ‘Intimacy, with the Silent Nothing that is Everything’ – by Tigmonk – (The Blooming Heart Center)
– ‘The Essential Rumi’ – Translated by Coleman Barks – (HarperOne)
– ‘Rumi: The Book of Love’ – Translated by Coleman Barks – (HarperOne)
– ‘365 Days With Rûmî’ – Ergin Ergül
– ‘I Heard God Laughing: Poems of Hope and Joy’ – by Hafiz (translation by Daniel Ladinsky) – Penguin Books
– ‘Selected Poems’ – by Ibn ‘Arabi (Translated by Paul Smith) – (Book Heaven Publishers)
– ‘The Sufis’ – by Idries Shah – (ISF Publishing)
– ‘Nasreddin Hodja: 100 tales in verse’ – by Raj Arumugam – (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform)
– ‘The Indian Teaching Tradition’ – by Jacques Vigne – (BR Publishing Corporation)
– ‘Sadhana’: The Realization of Life – by Rabindranath Tagore – (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform)
– ‘Poèmes chantés : Song-Poems’ – by Rabindranath Tagore – (Michel de Maule)
– ‘Gitanjali’ (Song Offerings) – by Rabindranath Tagore – CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
– ‘Returning To The Essential’ – by Jean Biès – (World Wisdom Books)
– ‘Siddhartha’ – by Hermann Hesse – (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform)
– ‘The Soul of India‘ – by Amaury De Riencourt – (Honeyglen Publishing Ltd)
– ‘The Dance of Shiva: Fourteen Essays’ – by Ananda Coomaraswamy – (Rupa & Co)
– ‘Speaking of Śiva’ – Poems by Akka Mahadevi and other bhakti saints (Translated and presented by A. K. Ramanujan) – (Penguin Classics)
– ‘India My Love’ – by Osho – (St Martin’s Press)
– ‘Teachers of One: Living Advaita – Conversations on the Nature of Non-duality’ – by Paula Marvelly – (Watkins Publishing)
– ‘Women of Wisdom: The Journey of the Sacred Feminine through the Ages’ – by Paula Marvelly – (Watkins Publishing)

Livres en Français:
– ‘Présence’ – de Rupert Spira (Traduction de Linda Arzouni) – Éditions Accarias L’Originel.
– ‘Je Suis’ – de Nisargadatta Maharaj – Éditions Les Deux Océans.
– ‘La joie sans objet’ – de Jean Klein (Éditions Almora)
– ‘Être : Approches de la non-dualité’ – de Jean Klein – (Éditions Almora)
– ‘La Première et Dernière Liberté’ – de J. krishnamurti – (Le Livre de Poche)
– ‘Se libérer du connu’ – de J. Krishnamurti – (Le Livre de Poche)
– ‘Commentaires sur la Vie’, Tome 1 – by J. Krishnamurti – Traduction de Roger Giroux – (Éditions Buchet-Chastel)
– ‘La voie de la délivrance’, de Adyashanti – (Macro éditions)
– ‘Le seul désir : Dans la nudité des tantra’ – de Éric Baret – ( Éditions Almora)
– ‘Rûmî. La religion de l’amour’ (par Leili Anvar) – Éditions Points
– ‘RÛMÎ, L’Océan de la Sagesse et de l’Amour’ – Ergin Ergül
– ‘Sâdhanâ’ – de Rabindranath Tagore – (Albin Michel)
– ‘Les Chemins de la Ferveur‘ – de Jean Biès – (1995, Editions Terre du Ciel)
– “Littérature française et pensée hindoue des origines à 1950” – de Jean Biès – (Librairie C. Klincksieck)
– ‘Études sur l’Hindouisme’ – de René Guénon – (Omnia Veritas Ltd)
– ‘Le Voyage en Orient’ – de Hermann Hesse – (Calmann-Lévy)
– ‘Le maître et le thérapeute’ – de Dr Jacques Vigne – (Les Editions du Relié)
– ‘L’Âme de l’Inde – de Amaury de Riencourt – (Éditions L’Âge d’Homme)
– ‘Les Amoureux de l’Inde’ – Recueil collectif – (Éditions Brumerge)
– ‘Un Rêve Indien’ – Céline Hegron – (Éditions Brumerge)
– ‘La route des Indes des années 60 – 70’ – Recueil collectif – (Éditions Brumerge)


– DVD: ‘The Unknowable Reality of Things’ with Rupert Spira – (Neti Neti Media)


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