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Impressions of Truth (in a blog list)


The Gospel According to St. Matthew (‘The Gospel According to St. Matthew’, 1964 – P. P. Pasolini)

The Angel of Death (‘Stranger Things’, 2016 – The Duffer Brothers)

A Song of Two Humans (‘Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans’, 1927 – F. W. Murnau)

Diary of a Country Priest (‘Diary of a Country Priest’, 1951 – Robert Bresson)

A Mountain Walking (‘Chopin’s Piano Concerto No 2’ – Arthur Rubinstein)

A Ballet of Life (‘Romeo and Juliet’ ballet, 2021 – John Neumeier)

A Room with a View (‘A Room with a View’, 1985 – James Ivory)

The Wrath of the Lamb (‘Stalker’, 1979 – Andrei Tarkovsky)

The Flowers of St. Francis (‘The Flowers of St. Francis’, 1950 – Roberto Rossellini)

The Word (‘Ordet’, 1955 – Carl Theodor Dreyer)

The Song of the Little Road (‘Pather Panchali’, 1955 – Satyajit Ray)

The Sacrifice (‘The Sacrifice’, 1986 – Andrei Tarkovsky)

The Starry Night (‘The Starry Night’ painting, 1889 – Vincent Van Gogh)



Photo of ‘The Flowers of St. Francis’ by Roberto Rossellini