You will find here all the posts from the category: ‘Essays in Consciousness’. They are longer essay-like texts on a particular subject. They are presented to you either in a blog list or individually for an easy browsing…


Essays in Consciousness (in a blog list)


The Guard and the Prison Breaker (an inquiry into the question of freedom…)

The Surreptitious Thief (a study of the ego…)

A Frame for Life (an exploration into the nature of time and space)

The Price of Immortality (on the nature and meaning of death)

The Everlasting Arms (on the subject of surrender)

The Poor Man (Meister Eckhart describes what is true poverty)

The Chariot and the Charioteer (on the nature and reality of free will)

The Inconceivable Actuality Here-Now (a text by Joan Tollifson)

Karma or the Monastic Life (exploring Karma and right action)

Tantra, the Song of Life (an exploration of the Tantric path)

The Mystique of Freedom (an essay by Bob O’Hearn)

Bhakti, the Song of Love (a description of the path of devotion)

Jñāna, the Song of the Self (a description of the path of knowledge)

The Distant Lord (a reflection on our relationship with wilderness)

The Churches of Rome (delving into the meaning behind the churches of Rome)

Speaking of Shiva (to explore the meaning behind Shiva’s many forms)

The Path (a playful exploration into the nature of the spiritual path)

Destroyer of Darkness (on the nature and function of the spiritual teacher)

Blown Out (to delve into the nature of Awakening)

Bhāratā Mā (on the discovery of India’s spiritual heart)

On Labyrinths, Grace and the Via Creativa (an essay by Miriam Louisa Simons)

Suffering Leads to Joy (a text on the subject of suffering)



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