These are all the texts, essays, poems that I wrote in this blog, that fell in my lap, and that I have gathered here for the ones among you which may like to see them at one glance…



Overlooking You (a poem…)

The Navel of the World (exploring where lies the true centre…)

The Golden Thread (a poem…)

A History of Veiling (a divagation on the subject of veiling…)

The Mystery (a poem…)

The Hermitage (a poetical stroll in search of our inner hermitage…)

The Everlasting Arms (a longer essay on the subject of surrender…)

The Waiting Room (a short text on the feeling of waiting in ourself…)

The Never Ending Story (a short text on where wholeness is to be found…)

The Neglected Self (a poem…)

God Wants it All (a playful poem or fantasy…)

The Chariot and the Charioteer (a longer essay on the reality of free will…)

Stay Where You Are (a poem…)

The Hiding Place (a poem…)

Ishani’s Quest (a fairy story about the inner quest of a little girl…)

Karma or the Monastic Life (a longer essay on Karma and right action…)

Be Still and Know (a short text unraveling the verses of a song…)

Benares my Love (a short text describing a Secret meeting with Benares…)

Tantra, the Song of Life (a longer essay on the nature of the Tantric path…)

Naked Presence (a prayer or a poem…)

Variations on the Separate Self (a short text, a divagation on separation…)

The Cave (a short text about awareness seen as a cave…)

The Departure (a short story relating a departure to India…)

Bhakti, the Song of Love (a longer essay on the path of love and devotion…)

A Silent Wind (a short text relating a day spent in Amma’s embrace…)

Jñāna, the Song of the Self (a longer essay exploring the path of knowledge…)

Ripples… (a poem…)

The Distant Lord (a text about an insightful meeting in the Indian jungle…)

The Churches of Rome (an essay on the meaning behind the churches of Rome…)

I will Trust your Ways (a poem…)

Our Mother’s Lap (a short text on the ways of the little child…)

Unsubstantiality (a short text speaking of our unsubstantial nature…)

I Want to Tell About (a poem…)

Speaking of Shiva (a longer essay on the many facets of Shiva…)

The Fruitless Search (a tale that speaks of a fruitless search…)

The Path (a longer essay on the nature of the spiritual path…)

The Old Mansion (two poems…)

Promenade Parisienne (a short text about a poetical promenade in Paris…)

Destroyer of Darkness (a longer essay on the function of the spiritual teacher…)

The Intelligence of Chaos (a poem…)

The Meeting (a short story that tells of an unexpected meeting…)

The Truth Seeker (a short fairy story, a spiritual parable…)

Blown Out (a longer essay to delve into the nature of awakening…)

The Flower of Awareness (a poem…)

Swift as a Bird (a short text on the untamed energy of our Self…)

Bhārata Mā (a longer essay on the discovery of India’s spiritual heart…)

The Secret (a short text that tells of a long-hidden Secret…)

Let us all set out on a long journey (a poem…)

Suffering Leads to Joy (a longer essay on the subject of suffering…)



Picture by Alain Joly



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